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David Pearl


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David Pearl is a Baltimore/Philadelphia based musician and educator. He is a drummer, pianist, vocalist, composer, and educator who performs locally and internationally with a vision to unite artists from diverse backgrounds and strives to go beyond the boundaries of musical genres. For David, music provides a presence of mind, body, and soul in a sanctuary for musicians to communicate intimately and connect with one another on the deepest level. David has recorded and performed with notable artists around the world. He currently leads his own jazz ensemble as well as his mystical Jewish music project and is a sideman for other music projects. Others describe him as an old soul with fresh ideas and respect him for his ability to adapt to a variety of genres including Jazz, Rock, Funk, R&B, Folk, etc. David studied Music at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia after which he received his B.A. in Counseling Psychology at Temple University. He continued his education at Chestnut Hill College where he studied counseling and special education. David has over twenty years of teaching experience and teaches drums and piano with an emphasis on process oriented learning in which he strives to adapt his teaching style to the learning style of each individual student.


Learning to play music  goes beyond understanding how to play an instrument alone. It is a craft and mentorship that teaches us the value of  self expression, creativity, communication, focus, and more. As a  professional musician, music therapist and educator, I  understand what it takes to  show you how to  be a better musician  and the process it entails. Content alone is not enough!! The art of teaching  constantly clarifies  and reinforces my  knowledge  and awareness of my own musicianship and what it takes to teach others.  With a background in Music Performance, counseling psychology, music therapy and special education at the post graduate level,  I am fully equipped to help you achieve your musical endeavors in a safe space for you or your child to be nurtured and enriched with the joy of music. I am sincerely  happy to help you at any point on your journey !


Book  Live Music

 Jazz Ensemble 

 Jewish Music 


Enhance your event with  live music for shows, celebrations and private events.

Book Recording Session


Hire me to record drums/keys/vocals for  songs/albums

Piano Lessons

In Home or Online

Private Piano Lessons

Lessons are available for students of all ages and levels of proficiency. Lessons cover technique, reading notation, improvisation, performance training and practice habit and more.

Drum   Lessons

In Home or Online

Private Drum Lessons

Lessons are available for students of all ages and levels of proficiency. Lessons cover technique, drum set coordination  reading notation, improvisation, practice habit and more. 

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